The content gap took a lot of good good people, but the strong survived, thanks to our three very good podcast boys. People were kicked, people were added, but one thing stayed true. Friendship. No matter the place or time someone was trying to make a joke or someone was trying to play. We didn’t try to play to get loot, we played to make memories, trying to beat last night's inside joke with an even better joke. We’d mute ourselves then come back having full conversations with people trying to figure out why they weren’t responding, then unmute and pop back in because we, like many times before, had muted ourselves and forgot. We’d eat food in each others ears and belch and fart.


God we sound awful...uh disregard that last part, but I do have to keep

it in so you don’t sue us because we ate chips in your ear real loud.

Around the launch of Destiny, three very good boys named Remy, Watts and Dickens they decided they would talk about Bungie’s first and only FPS they ever made, EVER.




Well, after many talks these three very good boy’s decided to upload their conversations to the world wide web. Thus Warlock School was born, but that wasn’t enough, they needed friends, but not just any friends. Loveable Jackasses.

Name ideas were thrown around left and right until the perfect name was chosen, Dungeon Protocols. It just sounded cool, plus it wasn’t taken on twitter so that was nice. Then came the hard part, finding these Loveable Jackasses, far and few between they seemed, but one by one they all came, every last one of them was perfect, a good friend, a pal, someone you could laugh with. It was and still is a magical place. Goofs were had, spoofs were done, games besides Destiny were played,

then the DARK TIMES.

That’s pretty much the history of DPS, not much to it, a couple guys started a podcast, their fans joined a clan they created and tried to make it something more than a fan club, a family.

Here in 2018 things are a little different, TahoeAnime is now our leader, someone who has been working for the three good boys for years doing all kinds of art. We are focused on making one big family. One that laughs, one that learns, and one that makes you jealous about food. OMG I FORGOT TO MENTION TACOS.

We like tacos yes we do, we like tacos,

pew pew pew.


Written By: bshek 43

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